"We are an ordinary store with extraordinary players. Brilliant players who love to put their best foot forward in a bid to show who's the greatest. For this reason we present the following tournaments" - B&P Founder

Blitz and Peaces is happy to announce that we will hold a total of 5 tournaments a year. These are split into two categories, The open tournaments which anyone can sign up for, and the invitational of which is the annual masters.

The open tournaments are to be held once per quarter and are in the following chronological order.

  1. Unconditional Surrender! , Casablanca Conference

  2. Episode II, The second battle of Kharkov (2Qtr)

  3. Blitzkrieg! (3 Qtr)

  4. Singapore Flames of War Nationals

  5. One last gamble, Devil's Charge (Dec)

All tournaments above will be conducted with the following rules, Deathclock , Best painted, Purple Heart, MOH & KC, Champion , Best Sportsman, & Reverse Swiss