Battle of the bulge

In December 1944, Hitler's final roll of the dice was cast. An overly ambitious all out attack on the western front which would seal Army Group B's fate. A repeat of history if you will in that like the previous world war, the sea of reserves of the allies would be telling. The power of air superiority once the German's luck with bad weather had run out would be devastating.
Blitz and Peaces is proud to bring you an event this December which will stretch out over 6 weeks and allow German generals to chance to win the war for Germany against all odds. the Allies, for  the ability to withstand the german onslaught and at the right moment, cut off the head of the snake.
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Allies "Battle of the Bulge"
Axis "Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein"
6 Week Campaign
The battle of the bugle will start in Mid December and carry on for 6 weeks in which the Germans will see if they surpass their historical Avatars and even see the gates of Antwerp.
Current Live map of the Ardennes (Updated weekly)
Whether or not the Axis can regaining the initiative and save the fatherland from the inevitable defeat or they are stopping along the way depends on a series of battles every week that brings the German army to a successful victory parade in Antwerp or they never see the river Meuse.