Battle for Kharhov July 2018

Basic Details!


Best General!
- Victoria Cross patch
1 X Team Yankee Army Deal
1 X NATO Medium Box

Guard of Honour, Best Unit on Parade! (Open to anyone, even non-playing participants, sign up here)
- Order of the British Empire Patch
1 X Any 6 paints or Battlefront paint set

Best Sportsman!
- Order of Lenin patch
1 X Blister 

The purple heart will be awarded by the current holder who is Leo. The standards for being awarded this medal can be found here.

How to join:

1) Sign up by purchasing the Entry Fee here

- Participants are allowed a single drink on the of their qualifier match and another drink on the day of the finals (if you lose the qualifiers but come and watch, have a drink!)
- Participants also get a B&P Event dice Battle Of Kharkov!

2) Decide on your Faction and army list. 

- All books for Team Yankee are currently allowed
- The Latest FAQ at the end of May will be used for disputes
- There is no limit on the number of Formations a player can take
- The Allies rules are in effect and may be used by players
- Every player must choose a battle plan for their force, Attack, maneuver or Defend. The same plan will be used for all battles. 
- Death clocks will be used for the games

3) Submit your list to by 24th June 2018.

4) Receive your pairings and play for the qualifier round.

Each player will be paired with an opponent by 30th June 2018. You then have 3 weeks to arrange a game with your opponent with your official lists and play! The winner will move onto to the finals on the 22nd July 2018 and the loser is out of the tournament but still takes part in the qualifier round lucky draw. 
- The game must be played at B&P with a qualified TO around. Mark, Melvin or Benjamin.
- Just arrange the game and play as per your battle plans! TOs will set up the table before mission is rolled for. Report the win or loss to the present TO.

5) Entering the Finals

The finals will be played by all the winners of qualifiers or the top 8 Players. Ties will be broken via VP.

The finals: If you have made it here, you are amongst the best! (or the top 50% :P)

You will be required to play 2 games, one in the morning and one after a lunch break.
The winner of the event
- The players will be decided on the following criteria 
no. of Wins>VP>Cold War Trivia

Breaking Ties

- In the event of ties, the player who completed their final game with more time on his death clock will be the champion.If you both complete within 10 minutes of each other
- The game VP for the qualifier round will determine the winner.
- If you are still tied, we will then play a game of Cold War Era Trivia of sudden death. 


1) Will matches be favored to be red on blue? meaning Soviet vs Nato

For the Qualifiers, yes they will be

2) Will there be different divisions for the qualifiers

Depending on who signs up, TOs may decide on different divisions to allow for fair and fun gameplay

3) What is a deathclock?

Please refer to our special event rules Here

4) Is the list submitted going to be revealed for all? 

Yes by the time the first round pairings are released, all lists submitted and vetted will be revealed to all participants.

5) I dont want the prize because i already have too much "X"

 Unfortunately, the prizes are fixed but with a big community, you can always make a trade for other units or cash as per your preference