Axis "Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein"

“Fighting in the Ardennes had reached a degree of savagery unprecedented on the western front."  -   Antony Beevor, Ardennes 1944: The Battle of the Bulge
Hitler understands the Allies moves, their supply lines are stretched with their breakneck speed they have moved on. His gambler instincts are on point. He has painstakingly kept quiet any plans involving the offensive. Moved whole panzer divisions into position. The objective is simple. Advance rapidly to Antwerp, destroy the Allied armies and force a political solution while he directs all efforts to holding back communist Russia.
Over the course of 6 weeks, German commanders will have the chance to reach antwerp in a gargantuan task. Each week, they will have to break allied defenses while keeping ahead of the Interception forces sent by Patton and later the Montgomery. 


As an allied players, you will have to choose between two kinds of forces, The Vanguard Forces or the Support companiesYou must choose the a single company List and stick with it for the whole campaign, you may however change the make up of your 1,500 points from game to game

2.1 Vanguard Forces

Overview: You are the driving force to lead the Reich to victory. Your advance is backed up by artillery support of our powerful Artillery and you must bring the victory home on each week with resounding success to be able to meet the deadline to reach Antwerp! You must choose one prong of the attack to be the vanguard for, the 5th army,6th SS or 7th Army. this choice is permanent for the campaign

Objectives: Fight Allied Line companies and cut off the main American armies in Western Germany. 

 Artillery Support: Remember to check how many support token your support company has given you so you may use artillery templates in your battle

 Weekly Play:

1. Find an Allies Line company player and schedule a match. 
2. Play the weekly mission and record the score and report. 
3. remember to note down which Firestorm units you lost or an casualties incurred as they do not replenish

4. If you loss, you may challenge the line infantry again but remember your firestorm troops do not replenish and any casualties are sustained. Artillery support does not replenish as well.

5. If you won. Move your avatar and flip the hexes you land on and cross to the AXIS side. The number of hexes you move depends on your VP
6 VP - 5 Hexes
5 VP - 4 Hexes
4 VP - 3 Hex
Special: 1 extra Hex move if you kill a Warrior Higher command team Even if you lost the game.



These units are gained in addition to any orbat charts you already have and do not count towards the score of the game if destroyed

1.  Heer vangaurd Firstorm units:

4 X Panther

4 X Panzer IV Js with escorts

2.  Volks Grenadiers Firstorm units:

1 AR CMD Team , 4 X AR Team, 2 MG Team, 1 Panzershreck
Special - This unit replenishes after each battle to full strength.

2 X Sturmtiger Ardennes Offensive - page: 191

1 CMD Team, 1 Staff team, 1 Observer team, 4 X 15cm sFH18

3. 6th SS Vangaurd Firstorm units:

1 X Joachim Pieper  
 Warrior Higher Command Tank Team rated Fearless Veteran. Panther G tank
Once each turn, you may re-roll one die when rolling for Reserves.In a mission using the Scattered Reserves special rule, once per turn you may also re-roll one die rolled to determine where a platoon will arrive from Scattered Reserve.

1 Platoon of SS Konigstiger
3 X Fearless Veteran Königstiger (Henschel)
Remember to roll for your Tiger Ace Skills before each game (see page 244 of the rule book)










2.3 Support Companies

Overview: Meant to support the push of the Armoured divisions as they move on Antwerp and to cover their rear and protect the gains made

Objectives: Continuously hold off the Allied interception forces and allow the advance to continue unhindered

 Weekly Play:

1. Find an Allied Interception company player to challenge and fix a game
2. You must hold at all costs to ensure that the Intercepting forces do not hit the vanguard forces

3. For each artillery Team from the support unit that you have, you must inform your vanguard player that they have that many artillery supports to call upon for the next weeks game.

These units are gained in addition to any orbat charts you already have and do not count towards the score of the game if destroyed

Each Axis Support will be armed with a platoon of 4 X 15 CM howitzers.

These guns will always count as firing but are in gun pits. For each Artillery gun, that is alive at the end of the battle, regardless of outcome, will provide one artillery support for the Vanguard of the supporting company. 







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