This year we are hoping to run the first of many Asian Team Championships. We will only be running Team Yankee for the first year and depending on the uptake we will continue into the next year!

There are two documents here, one is the outline or rules, missions and list guidelines. The other is for foreign players who are coming to the event, we have outlined potential costs of the entire event with estimations of your daily expenses.

ATC Details and guidelines 

ATC Foreign player packet

To sign up early! please purchase your teams tickets here! Prices are in SGD

Blitz Mini's shares the lists of the Teams contending for the Team Yankee World champions! Listed below in no particular order!

1. Team Hariya

Kenneth's Dutch (L)
Victor's Czechoslovaks
Xiang Jun's Candians

2. ABC

Shawn's Israelis (L)
Hong's Americans 
David's West Germans

3. Horlan V

Eddie's Syrians (L)
Vick's Dutch 
Sherman's Soviets

4. Unbearable

Ben's Czechoslovaks (L)
Lance's Iraqis
Nic's Israelis

5. Team Texas

Chris's West Germans (L)
Bryan's Iraqis 
Alex's Soviets

6. Wira Rimau

Asmizal's Dutch (L)
Eclaire / Fauzi

7. Volksturm

Anderson's Iraqis (L)
Zikri's East Germans
Abdullah's Americans

8. Dropbears

Garry's British (L)
Regan's Iranians 
Terrance's Soviets

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