Allies "Battle of the Bulge"

The Germans have held us at the Siegfried Line for two months and inflicted huge casualties. During our rest and rotations of frontline troops, they Germans have managed to sneak entire tank divisions to the front without a word of warning from our boys in the air.

The Job of the allies in this campaign are two fold. First, they are too hold their ground and whittle down the German Advance. The German Blitz is concentrated at the weakest points of american resistance and American commanders know their static defense is unlikely to destroy the German onslaught as much as it can slow them down.


As an allied players, you will have to choose between two kinds of forces, The Line Companies or the Interception forces. You must choose the a single company List and stick with it for the whole campaign, you may however change the make up of your 1,500 points from game to game

2.1 Line Companies

Overview: Meant to slow down the advancing Germans and whittle down their Firestorm units and attempt to stop them. Each round, the Germans will confront you and advance to Antwerp if they win

Objectives: Hold back and fight for as close a victory as possible

 Weekly Play:

1. Find an Axis Vanguard player and schedule a match. 
2. Play the weekly mission and record the score and report 
3. remember to note down which Firestorm units you whittled down.

Each Axis Vangaurd will have Different bonus units to signify the massing of troops and the element of complete surprise

1.  Heer vangaurd
units are given full Platoons of Panthers and PanzerIVs

2.  Volks Grenadiers units are given full platoons of Sturmtigers, Sturm platoons and 15cm Howitzers.

3. 6th SS Vangaurd unitsare given Joachim Pieper and a full platoon of Konigstigers



2.3 Interceptors

Overview: Meant to chase down the advancing germans, cut off their support and then do a classic hammer and anvil with you and the Line companies. There are a total of Three German advances, the 5th army, 6th ss and 7th army. You may destroy them by winning battles.

Objectives: Attack Support companies and deliver coup de graces to the Vangaurds.

 Weekly Play:

1. Find an Axis Support player to challenge and fix a game
2. If you won. Move your avatar and flip the hexes you land on and cross to the US side. The number of hexes you move depends on your VP
6 VP - 4 Hexes
5 VP - 2 Hexes
4 VP - 1 Hex
Special: 1 extra Hex move if you kill a Warrior Higher command team Even if you lost

3. If you won against a Support player, The next week you may challenge that supporting players vanguard and if you win that battle, that German Prong and advance of attack is over.

These units are gained in addition to any orbat charts you already have,

1 Platoon of Confident Veteran 4 X M4A3

2 X M4A3 75 mm

2 X M4A3 76 mm

Each Axis Support will be armed with a platoon of 15 CM howitzers.

These guns will always count as firing but are in gun pits. Each gun destroyed regardless of the battle outcome, is one less arty barrage for the vanguard







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